Why Wait? How Cancer Inspired Me to Make the Most of the Time I Have

22 May

By Paula Holland De Long ACC, CPCC, founder of What’s Next For My Life? ™ Inc.

My name is Paula Holland De Long and I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 37.

One day I was living my life. Three weeks later I was sitting in a hospital minus my left breast, wondering what the hell had hit me, afraid I was going to die. I remember the pain and fear of not knowing what was going to happen. The tediousness of chemo, keeping my “I’m fine” face on and my wig straight in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity. Feeling guilty about not being superwoman during a time when I often could barely get out of bed. My focus was on reaching that magic time when somehow this cancer stuff would end and my life could go back to normal.

Finally, my treatment did end. Everyone was so happy for me! So thrilled that I was “done” with “cancer.” Well, guess what? I was bald, weighed 95 pounds, and half of my chest was missing. I had scars all over my body and facing the thought that I could die soon had changed me so much that I didn’t know what normal was anymore. The truth was I wasn’t thrilled to have my old life back. It had probably contributed to making me sick.

I decided to take a low paying, mid-level job instead of going back to my executive position. I started gardening and walking the dog. Pretty soon my husband was looking at me and asking me “Who are you and what have you done with Paula?” I kept feeling “There’s got to be more.”

After cancer, it really hit home that bigger houses, impressive titles, or physical perfection — to name a few — don’t take care of you when you’re sick, love you when you’re wrong, or provide inner peace or appreciation for what you do or who you are.

The Paula who was diagnosed is not the same Paula who is writing this story. Cancer stripped me of my willingness to conform and replaced it with an unquenchable desire for aliveness, passion, and purpose in my life. I’ve been inspired by cancer to create a new life of passion and joy, of giving back, and helping others. I’m not willing to wait for happiness. I’m willing to do what it takes to have it now.

Now I’m doing the work I was meant to do and loving every minute of it. I’m a professional life coach, working with cancer patients and survivors. My second book has just been published. I am married to the love of my life. My life is more balanced between work, love, giving back and having fun than ever before.

I believe that cancer was my wake up call. It was a much needed reminder that making the most of the gift of the time I have depends knowing and being my own unique self – good, bad, ugly, and beautiful.

My mantra has become, “Why wait and why worry?” My courage is based on the absolute conviction that if I can do cancer, I can do anything.

Dealing with cancer and all of the changes it forced on me inspired me to contribute the world instead of standing on the sidelines. It wasn’t easy. It was definitely worth it.

As I finish writing this story, I’m singing out loud to one of my favorite songs. The line that resonates in my heart says “I can be myself now finally, in fact there’s nothing I can’t be.” I wish this for each and every one of you.


Thousands of breast cancer patients have turned to fellow survivor Paula Holland De Long ACC, CPCC, to regain control of their lives, reduce fear and stress, and gain tools that improve quality of life during and after cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, professional life coach, author and inspirational speaker, Paula’s appeal comes from her willingness to talk about things patients and survivors don’t know (or are afraid) to ask about. Her personal battle with breast cancer inspired her to found What’s Next For My Life? Inc., whose life coaching work is offered at cancer treatment centers and support organizations, and directly to patients. To learn more call 954-565-6894, email paula@WhatsNextForMyLife.com or visit WhatsNextForMyLife.com.


One Response to “Why Wait? How Cancer Inspired Me to Make the Most of the Time I Have”

  1. Michele Hassett May 22, 2012 at 5:07 am #

    Very inspiring, I truly appreciate your conviction and your honesty. Life is so fragile and I am grateful to you for the reminder to get up, get going and do something! May you be blessed with continued good health and sending best wishes your way.

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